Harmony Vs Balance (for the WAHM)

I keep pursuing this infinite theory of balance.

scale of justice

If you spend an hour on your business, you have to spend an hour with your kids,  if you spend an hour playing, you spend the next hour scrambling around to clean or figure out what is for supper.. and Heaven forbid! if you spend an hour vegetating, vegging, what is this word where you sit and chill you spend the next hour regretting it.  The life of a WAHM is never done.. the to do list is endless!   (can I just add in homeschooling – seriously… let’s just end this blog post now while i get back to work?)

At the Young Living Silver Retreat this weekend, a Royal Crown Diamond  (Cherie Ross) gave us instead the idea of Harmony.  To me, harmony is where you work at what you are working at with all that you have in that time and that no matter what you’re doing, doing that thing.  It’s not harmonious to be checking text messages at the dinner table, it’s harmonious to be talking with your family.  It’s not harmonious to not have laundry done.   It’s not completely in context but it truly is how I want to live…  Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, (NASB) 

I have lots of parts of Harmony to work on, in this transition to full-time WAHM from SAHM but just knowing that it isn’t balance in the everyday minute but harmony in my life is actually a thought process that will help me a lot!




Young Living Safety Guidelines

Source:   https://www.youngliving.com/en_GB/discover/safety-guidelines

This is such important information.  Keep in mind that ultimately we all take personal responsibility for our oil usage.  This is the official Young Living Safety Guidelines and a great piece of information to save!

Safety Guidelines

Young Living essential oils are cultivated to be as pure and potent as possible. We strongly recommend you read individual label instructions and the following guidelines to ensure safe use of essential oils:
The orifice located in the oil bottle opening helps you follow correct dosages. It also helps prevent small children from accidentally swallowing large amounts of essential oil. If you suspect that a child has consumed a large quantity of oil, give them milk and seek medical advice.
Seek the advice of a health professional before topically applying any red-drop oils to children (see application chart).
When applying a new oil, test 1 drop on a small patch of skin first (e.g., on the underside of the forearm). Skin sensitivity is highly individual. If the skin feels hot or turns red, apply a vegetable oil (V-6™ or olive) to the area to dilute and follow dilution instructions on the bottle for future uses. Washing the area with water is less effective.
Use only 1 new oil at a time to determine how your body responds. Wait 30 minutes before applying another new oil.
Certain oils may sting the eyes and other sensitive areas. Essential oil residue on the fingers may damage contact lenses or cause eye discomfort. If accidental stinging does occur, put 1–2 drops of pure vegetable oil into the eye.
Avoid putting essential oils directly into the ears.
Pure citrus oils may compound the effects of sun exposure. Limit prolonged exposure to direct sunlight for up to 12 hours (up to 24 hours for angelica and lime; up to 48 hours for bergamot) after applying these undiluted essential oils to the skin (see orange-dot oils on the application chart).
Cosmetics, personal-care products, or cleansers with synthetic ingredients penetrate the dermal layers of the skin. Avoid applying essential oils to areas you use these products, as it may take these chemicals deeper into skin, fatty tissue, or the bloodstream.
Avoid using essential oils on skin that has been damaged or affected by chemical burns.
When adding essential oils to a bath, first mix 5–10 drops of essential oil to 1/4 cup of Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base or Epsom salt and then add to running water.
Limit the diffusion of unfamiliar essential oils to 10 minutes/day, increasing the time after determining their effects. The length of time should depend on the size of the room and potency of the oils (see application chart).
See individual label directions or check with a health professional before using essential oils if you have a serious medical condition or are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. DO NOT use wild tansy, clary sage, sage, fennel, wintergreen, or hyssop during pregnancy.
Consult a health professional about any serious disease or injury. DO NOT attempt to self-diagnose or prescribe any natural substances for conditions that require professional attention.

Traveling :)


We are on the road!  Hitting a little pre-planned vacation. We hit the road for the coast.Image

Hitting hills lots bigger than Iowa has to offer! Image

Finally arriving at our resort ~ this is a MOMYS vacation.  MOMYS stands for Moms of Many Young Siblings.   We’re here with approx. 20 other families that are all big! What a treat 🙂   I’ve been a member of MOMYS since my 13 year old was born! (having at the time 4 kids in 7 years!)  MOMYS has been a huge resource for me in parenting and godly exhortations.  If you qualify for MOMYS -check out either the yahoogroup or the boards.  We are thrilled to be able to help MOMYS earn money for the Care & Share through Young Living Essential Oils!

Stay tuned for more vacation pictures!

Make your own Liquid Castille Soap and SAVE $$$

This is a silly post… except it isn’t – it’s been a huge cost saver and an AWESOME help to my DIY compulsion.

Why do you need liquid castille soap?  If you make your own dish soap, shampoo or pumping hand soap – you do!

but – it’s expensive.. Hey if you want to buy it – here is my affiliate link. I’ll post some recipes in just a bit.

Castile Liquid Soap-Lavender Dr. Bronner’s 1 Gallon Liquid

or you can do it my way and save LOTS of $$$ for more soap.

Buy this :

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, All-One Hemp Citrus Orange, 5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 6)

take that one bar and shred it – you know, on one of these

Cuisinart CTG-00-BG Boxed Grater

and then boil it in a pot of water I do just less than a gallon..  all the shredded soap until it dissolves.

Then I store mine in a pickle jar.  Image

This is a previously made set of soaps from fancy shower gels meant to replace fancy shower gels.  I made these GALLONS of liquid soap for 1.50 each and when I make castille soap, a GALLON costs 3.50-4.50 depending on how much I end up paying for the bar 🙂

Isn’t that awesome?!

add it to a little pumper jar and add some of your favorite essential oils 🙂

You can get Young Living Essential oils here  ~ http://www.youngliving.org/mommaplus   ~ affiliate links for Amazon enclosed.

I cannot believe how much money this has saved us and I hope you give it a try!



Spring Cleaning? Try this! (non-toxic!)

Hello ~~~ are you spring cleaning today?! Guess what I found – an awesome recipe for homemade furniture polish!

The Essentially Southern Mom’s Lemon Essential Oil Furniture Polish!

1/3 cup melted coconut oil

10 drops your favorite YL EO

1/2 cup distilled water

Mix well, put into a glass jar and then use a microfiber cloth!

You can get the YLoils at my webpage http://www.youngliving.org/mommaplus



Saving Some Money ~ How to get our 1000$ Emergency Fund saved!

This is an ongoing list, we are working on getting our Emergency Fund paid for.

We did have an emergency fund, but we had to use it 😦  at one point and we haven’t been able to redo it.  Ideas that we are using:

1) Selling stuff.  Usually on facebook for sale websites/craigslist/locally.  If you haven’t used it in the last 3 months and it isn’t seasonal – or if it is seasonal but you haven’t used it in a year.  GET Rid of it!   Gives you the added benefit that once it is GONE – you don’t have to clean up after it!

Recent clothes out the door!

2) Selling homeschool curriculum (web sites I ❤ are homeschoolclassifieds.com and vegsource.com/homeschool but also Facebook pages might do well for you also.  With curriculum, look at things that will be updated before the next time you use it. You might not be able to buy consumables for them, etc. (IS there a 10 step program for homeschool book collectors… I will admit that I am a work in progress here.)

3) STOP buying something.  For me, it was tea/lemonades (I gave up pop almost 3 years ago!)  I bought a glass water jar and I take my water with lemon oil in it everywhere!   Whatever it is that you buy, that you give up, put that money in your emergency fund.

4)  stick to your food plan, plan ahead and you will be less likely to spend money on food emergencies. Decide now how much you can cut your food budget by.  It is temporary…  (I’m cooking for so many and I do the garden so I am not a good person to compare to – but if you’re spending 100$ /week on groceries and you can cut it to 75$/week for a month – you can put an extra 100$ in your savings account this month.  It all adds up!  I plan to share more on my menu planning in the future because I save a ton of money going with a plan!

5) Lay out a budget and stick to it.  Anything left over ~ goes into the savings account.

6) Make the savings account hard to access…  If you are tight and you have to scrimp, keeping your hands off that money can be pretty tough.  Don’t give yourself easy access to temptation.

7) Pick up extra ways to make income.  Many of you know that I have chosen to use Young Living Essential Oils as my business.  I work around hubby’s hours, at home, with my kids (and they help!)  and it is making a huge difference.  We have 2 mortgages right now and my YLEO checks are covering my big mortgage!   What could you do every month with an extra 500-1000$ or more?   Right now, they pay bills but soon they’ll be helping get our debt paydown!

8)- Reward yourself! After you get the 1000$ banked… reward yourself.  You can set it right now what you want to do for your reward?  Is it something you’ve skimped on for a few months?  Make your self a goal poster and put your REWARD at the top of your thermometer and then SAVE for that next. (don’t use your saved money! )


Friend Friday

I’m sharing what I cross posted on my friend Heather’ s blog The Welcoming House 

1. What are the three most important things in your life, and tell me a little about them.

My favorite things ~ my faith in God is the most important thing in my life.  In times of peace and times of trouble, He has been my constant.

My 2nd favorite thing in my entire life is my family.  I’m a wife (to an amazing man who serves God daily as a pastor,) I have lots of children, biological, adopted, guardianship and fosters.  We have raised 8 adult children, now have 4 grandchildren and still have a full dining room table most days. J


My 3rd most important thing in my life is probably homesteading ~ to me that encompasses my almost full-time job of animal care, gardening, canningn and dehydrating and keeping my mini~farm running. 2013-07-28_12-32-25_915

(this is me and my new small garden ~ 50*80 that I started this year as I work to add dry beans, corn and squash, for our family and for our livestock… we’re a work in progress!)

2. Why did you choose Young Living and how long have you been at your business?

I talk about why I chose Young Living Essential oils in a blog post here https://familyplushomestead.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/why-i-decided/    but to summarize it for your readers ~ I chose Young Living Essential Oils because I felt I could trust them. They are leaders in the industry, have been around since 1993 and are of the highest quality.

I started with 9 simple oils that are available in the Everyday Living Collection

9 everyday oils

And found that using those oils I can solve many of life’s day to day health and wellness issues.  Being a one-income (homeschooling) family, I love that I can fix many things without running to the doctor and running up expensive medical bills or becoming dependent on prescription or OTC medicines.

3. Tell me about your top two favorite oils and how you use them.

My 2 favorite oils are 2 of the reasons that I share about Young Living Essential Oils with other people.  They have changed our lives!  The first is peppermint:


The next oil was also a life changer for me personally .  It is Lavender oil.

I’ve already stated how much homesteading plays a role in my life.

4. If you could communicate one important thing about essential oil use to our readers, what would it be?

I would communicate that it is important to purchase quality essential oils for using on your family or your person. I started by using cheaper oils in my soaps and know that when you put oils on your body, it is vital that you trust the source.

She’s hosting a giveaway from me on her blog. If you sign up for Young Living Essential Oils under me using my # 1380891 and order the Every Day Oil Essential Kit, I will send you a free reference book!  And if you sign up for Essential Rewards program I will send you one of these free oil clutches.  Awesome to have!! (I have brown and paisley ~ gorgeous!)

 Blessings! Momma