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I’m so glad you have joined us at Young Living Essential Oils on the Family Homestead Team!  We have an amazing group for support. If you need information at any point, please contact the person who introduced you to Young Living or Amanda Friedl  mommaplus @

This page is all about Essential Rewards. There are 3 GREAT reasons to consider signing up for Essential Rewards but first let’s define what Essential Rewards are!

The Essential Reward program is a monthly ordering program where you choose what you want to order every month.  It is completely optional.  It is for wholesale customers or distributors only, if you are a retail customer, please talk to us to find out how to take advantage of this benefit. The ER program starts at 50 PV (product volume as explained ) If you are already ordering at least an average of that over time, you will see benefits!

The reasons for joining ER are amazing!

1) Discounted Fed-Ex Shipping!  $6.99/ first 5 pounds and then .63/ for each pound after that!

2) the “Free Oil” Program

For months 1-6, you get 10% credit back in points to redeem on free oils. For months 7-12, you get 15% back, and month 13 and on ~ you get 20% back in FREE credit.  Things that do not have PV, you will not get points back, but consumable things like oils and supplements do.

when you log into your account you will SEE your balance on the front home page.  You only pay for shipping when you redeem your Free Oil $$ 🙂

3)  For Business Builders ~ (optional)

You will need to make sure you qualify with all bonuses and commissions.  If you have a 50 PV a month, you will qualify for Fast Start bonus and Starter Kit Bonus, if you have a 100 PV order a month, you will qualify for all of your commissions. It’s a great way when you are building a business to save money and  a way to make sure you are in qualification each month.

 The small print   what i want to know!

If you cancel, you’re cancelled.  There is not a commitment of time or any kind of penalty, you will want to use your FREE oil points first because they will go away when you cancel. *you call customer service to cancel*

Changing your order – you can make it what you want every single month.  Every single month I change what I want to buy, sometimes it is similar with a supplement.  If you are already signed up, you can click on manage your essential rewards and then click on add products.

Change the Date – you can pick the date that works best for you.  It has to be before the 25th of the month, but I choose to align it with the hubby’s paycheck 🙂   You have to change your order before midnight of the date that you are currently assigned.  But – if you run out of something earlier in the month, move it forward,   or if you have an unexpected expense, you can move it back a bit in the month. 

The Grace month – if you have one of those months, and believe me, I understand, where you just can’t make the minimum of 50 PV,  you can call and ask for your one month grace period.  You get 1 in a calender year. 

How do you get started?

1) Call Customer Service 1-800-371-3515

2) log into your account and on the left hand side of virtual office there is a button that says Essential Rewards,  (agree to the terms and conditions)

Add products, double check your date, and make sure you have your payment saved.

Gaining free product, saving money and budgeting, great reasons to check into Essential Rewards today.



2 thoughts on “Essential Rewards

  1. when you log in ( ) use your password 🙂 there is a tab on the left side or words on top to enroll. If you need help let me know 🙂

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