Freeze the Food Budget (Part 1)

a Good morning to you!

I’m labeling this Part 1!  I *think* we’re going to do more than a couple of posts on freezing the food budget.  The funniest part about this series maybe that this isn’t directed at you, my normal readers!  We know you are generally big family mamas yourself and you may have amazing tips to bring that food budget done! (share in the comments).

I went to a Dani Johnson workshop last month (ORLANDO in January, very nice!)  and one of the things she focuses on is DEBT and if you’ve been reading here, you know that I also am trying to be out of debt!  We were down to our mortgage until we ended up with 2 mortgages and not enough for living expenses!  We are back in debt and that is like JAIL.


The key to this is when you look at your budget – some expenses are fixed… but some aren’t and  our food budget is often one of those!  So what we need to do is look at bringing that expense down!  Folks, there are wayy wayy too many choices for our dollars.  We need to watch where we spend that money, so Step 1 is going to be

a) set a budget – FIRST!  (take your total you spent last time and trim it a bit!)

b) MAKE a Menu!  Account for your life stuff.  We plan morning, lunch and dinner every single day. Makes a huge difference.  Put snacks on the menu if your family does snacks.

c) Make a grocery list according to the MENU and purpose to NOT add to it at the store because you are *hungry *tempted * or caught by *eye candy*.

This is just the first step!  We’re going to be taking the budget post and the menu post into the next level in coming posts! We’re going to talk about trimming the fat and ways to break the spending cycle!

The menu graphic I love is found here:

whats for dinner

So – until next time, start making small changes!





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