Who else does a garden? Do you plant mostly vegetables or do you enjoy flowers?
We pretty much only do veggies here on the farm, mostly because we feed 12 kiddos and that means we need LOTS of veggies.
We buy our seeds from Baker Creek Seeds and Seed Savers. If quality and Non-GMO are important to you, that’s where to start!  
So our goals for a given year are to plant enough for our family for the entire year in the following vegetables that we can.
Tomatoes… this is huge to us – we can as close to 500 quarts as we can.
Potatoes …
Beans,  canned would be mostly green but I do can dried beans too
tomatos from garden
dry storage of
pumpkins (we dehydrate and can)
potatoes and carrots
pop corn
Then we plant seasonal eating in the following:
Lettuce, lots and lots of lettuce
Radishes (I’ve attempted fermenting these but it’s primarily immediate eating)
I will admit, we are dependent on our friends for our supply of sweet corn.  We just can’t make it through.
What are you planting this year?
See you soon!

1 thought on “Spring!

  1. We garden only for a family of four though. Use raised beds and lots of manure from my horses. Gardening is such a learning experience!

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