Friend Friday

I’m sharing what I cross posted on my friend Heather’ s blog The Welcoming House 

1. What are the three most important things in your life, and tell me a little about them.

My favorite things ~ my faith in God is the most important thing in my life.  In times of peace and times of trouble, He has been my constant.

My 2nd favorite thing in my entire life is my family.  I’m a wife (to an amazing man who serves God daily as a pastor,) I have lots of children, biological, adopted, guardianship and fosters.  We have raised 8 adult children, now have 4 grandchildren and still have a full dining room table most days. J


My 3rd most important thing in my life is probably homesteading ~ to me that encompasses my almost full-time job of animal care, gardening, canningn and dehydrating and keeping my mini~farm running. 2013-07-28_12-32-25_915

(this is me and my new small garden ~ 50*80 that I started this year as I work to add dry beans, corn and squash, for our family and for our livestock… we’re a work in progress!)

2. Why did you choose Young Living and how long have you been at your business?

I talk about why I chose Young Living Essential oils in a blog post here    but to summarize it for your readers ~ I chose Young Living Essential Oils because I felt I could trust them. They are leaders in the industry, have been around since 1993 and are of the highest quality.

I started with 9 simple oils that are available in the Everyday Living Collection

9 everyday oils

And found that using those oils I can solve many of life’s day to day health and wellness issues.  Being a one-income (homeschooling) family, I love that I can fix many things without running to the doctor and running up expensive medical bills or becoming dependent on prescription or OTC medicines.

3. Tell me about your top two favorite oils and how you use them.

My 2 favorite oils are 2 of the reasons that I share about Young Living Essential Oils with other people.  They have changed our lives!  The first is peppermint:


The next oil was also a life changer for me personally .  It is Lavender oil.

I’ve already stated how much homesteading plays a role in my life.

4. If you could communicate one important thing about essential oil use to our readers, what would it be?

I would communicate that it is important to purchase quality essential oils for using on your family or your person. I started by using cheaper oils in my soaps and know that when you put oils on your body, it is vital that you trust the source.

She’s hosting a giveaway from me on her blog. If you sign up for Young Living Essential Oils under me using my # 1380891 and order the Every Day Oil Essential Kit, I will send you a free reference book!  And if you sign up for Essential Rewards program I will send you one of these free oil clutches.  Awesome to have!! (I have brown and paisley ~ gorgeous!)

 Blessings! Momma


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