About Amanda

I have to laugh, this picture is my profile one here on my blog.  First off, it’s from 2006!!! Seriously, 🙂 how cute was I! the last update on this page was 7/18/2008!!!  no really folks,  call people on this!

 (this needed to be updated!) 

I’ve been on a journey, much of my old blogs have been consolidated here.  you can scroll back pretty far.

a Little bit about me,

I’m Amanda, I’m a Believer. Period, it defines me.

I’m a wife 🙂 ABImage

This my sweetie. Brian, he blogs at www.brianfriedl.com and is an amazing Pastor, husband,father and grandfather.  He is my partner in our business and on our homestead! (us in fall, 2013)

So, I don’t blog here, much. I am trying.  If I write something it’s probably personal, about my life.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kiddos.  Most of them are adopted (there are 22 of them and that is no joke or typo)

I am passionate about life and adoption.

We homeschool, sometimes all day every day. I’ve been homeschooling since 2000!   It’s such a part of our life that it doesn’t occur to me to write about that as it is just who we are but I know people might be curious about how that works in a big family 🙂  so I’m trying to share!

I do Essential Oils.  I have had my life transformed through Young Living. We are blessed to share this daily and it is the primary focus of our blog efforts is a resource place for sharing resources!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!!! world changer

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