Frugal Meal Recipe: Meat/Potato (GF)

So when you grow your own food, you need to know how to use it!   This is a recipe I love to use, especially when it is cold outside  ~ it’s comfort food to me!

meat and potatoes

So – hamburger or pork ground – and you can use canned meat if you have it!  Simply drain it and fry it up a bit with some onion!

You’re going to add it to some potatoes.  If you don’t have canned ones, you can cut them up and boil them in some chicken broth for 20 minutes.

When I make it ~ I like to use one more part potato than I do meat.   Family of 16 here so we used 4 quarts of potatoes and 3 quarts of meat.   When we make it fresh, I cut up 1.5 potatoes per person.  (so for 8, I’d do 2 quarts of potatoes, etc)

Then we cover it with a little sauce to make it more stew like.  I don’t drain all of the broth off the potatoes and I add a homemade cream soup to it.  I make it with gluten free flour so we can all eat it.

I start with butter.  I make 8 Tbsp and melt it gently.  Once that is melted, I add a cup of flour and mix that together.  I then add milk – usually start at about 2 cups and add more if I want to.   Since I’m mixing it with the broth in this recipe, I go for thicker 🙂

I then season it. We use Einkorn flour from Young Living   Our gluten free son and my husband tolerate Einkorn well!   (what? you didn’t know they had more than oils… oh YES!)   If I needed the flour to be certified gluten free, I’d get it where I get my seasonings, from Azure Standard 

It’s a cheap, filling, warm meal,  you can use stuff you have on hand and stuff from your food storage super easy.  It’s something I always keep on the shelf.






1 thought on “Frugal Meal Recipe: Meat/Potato (GF)

  1. I had no idea you could get Einkorn flour from Young Living!! I always buy it from Azure Standard along with my spices. Thanks for sharing!

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