Food Storage For Beginners

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So you’ve bought some extra food and now need to store it!

Here are some great tips!

First off ~ you’ll want to make sure your food is free of infestation before you start!  Pop your bags of flour, rice or food into a freezer for approx. 2 weeks to make sure you kill off any mites, etc.

Your first thing is to create an organized system: I personally love what we own:

you can make your own!  check out this beauty!!   so many ideas over on pinterest if you are crafty!

DIY Rotating Canned Food System #canned #DIY #Food #rotating #system

What about your bulk storage?

A few ways to consider:   buckets/ mylar bags/ glass jars

you’ll probably be depending on what you store based on what the quantity you are storing PLUS how long you plan to store it.  I personally do not mylar bag for anything I plan to use in the next 6-12 months.    If I’m buying for long term storage, I do.

I find free pickle jars perfect for many short term things! I’ve even seen people use leftover 2 liter soda bottles (We dont’ drink pop but this may work for some!) for rice/ beans, wheat berries and more!

You can also use a food sealer and use quart jars :: We do this. A LOT especially with our dehydrated items!   If you don’t have a food saver, here is a smaller version:

Need a food saver anyway?  this is one of the cheapest versions you can use the food saver can attachment with :

now to be fair, the mother of all storage for preparedness efforts is the white bucket.  Since 1999 (the Y2K prep) I’ve had these white buckets with beans, wheat berries, oats and more!   I’m throwing an Amazon link here but I want you to know our local large box home stores have them (I dont know about Home Depot or Lowe’s. we live in the midwest, so we have Menard’s and both the buckets and the Gamma Seals are readily available and cheaper!    I’ve also purchased them from our pickup!

The Gamma seal is what you use for ease of entry (and are included in the above link)

The biggest game-up ante is the mylar bag and use use a sealer with that and usually desiccants ~ which remove the air. ~ you can then double layer these into the white buckets!   Make sure you label them!    This video is one of my favorite tools because they so clearly explain how to use most of those tools!     We really enjoy our product we purchase from and were thrilled with the ease of this video.

so I hope it helps you the same way!


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