Want Great Training?

Wow ~ so many people have amazing trainings!  Here are some of the resources that I have used both in my Silver in 6 (in 2 path!!) as well as on my quest to Gold, Platinum and beyond!

One of my favorites ~ is Shannon Hudson’s Silver in 6 phone calls.  I was featured on a call on 4/4/14.  I have listened to some of these calls multiple times!  Get out and DO!

This is a GREAT place to find regular trainings: http://oursimpletraining.com/resources/monday-night-calls

and this is my favorite video on compensation ::


an amazing call program online is called the YL Fast Track



My upline calls :http://www.frontrangescentsabilities.com/webinars-2/

Lastly – join our weekly call Tuesdays at 10am Central  Message me for current information.

If you are interested in Young Living as a career opportunity, please contact me or the person who referred you to Young Living Essential Oils.





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