Soap Making Part 1 (Intro and Easy!)

Let’s Learn About Soap Making! 

So approximately 10 years ago, I learned about making soap.  I honestly can’t remember right now why I tried this for the very first time.   I had a friend and I thought it would be fun to do together and  I was really into DIY things.  I’m not to terribly sure any other great reasons but I definitely am thankful for this event in my life because it eventually led me to Young Living and real essential oils.  I will be forever grateful to this journey. ❤

So there are 3 different ways to make soap.

  • Melt and Pour
  • Cold Process Soap
  • Hot Process Soap

Many many people start with the melt and pour because it’s easy and fun. It’s also a great craft to do with children because you don’t use Lye actively (more on that in a bit).

With melt and pour, you can choose your base (clear or creamy, goat milk or glycerin) and all you do is melt it in a double broiler and then pour it into molds.  You can add ALL KINDS of things

I personally love this little kit

What kinds of things can you add:

  •  salts, oats, coffee
  • herbs and plants
  • essential oils (you knew I’d say it!)
  • color! (dyes, pigments, etc)

Some of our favorites have been rose petals or lavender buds.  They are easy to find online or at craft stores.   You can also press in small pieces of plants.  We love oatmeal in our soap, just whip it in a blender quick or use quick oats!

I love finding fun molds but so many things can be used, I linked one above in the little kit but you can also use plumbing molds, even a Pringles can (and cut into circles).  I personally prefer sillicone molds and watch for them at Goodwill etc all the time! This is a fun set for making a very traditional bar!

Once you have your supplies, you’ll break your base up. You can cut it or break it into smaller chunks.  All you do then is create a double broiler (with a pot and a stainless steel or glass bowl. The bowl must be able to be placed on top of the pot without it touching the bottom (so bigger on top than inside) and melt.  For the next method of soap, we’ll be talking about hot process soap and for that we use a crock pot – I grab them at goodwills or garage sales! (they dont have to look pretty!). so if you have a crock pot, you can also use it for this method.

For every 1lb of soap you use, you’ll add 4 oz of water.  Regardless of the way you are melting, melt it slow on low!  and Stir it low,  if you stir too fast, you’ll get like a foam.

Once melted you pour into your molds ~ and you an add more fun on top (press with oatmeal for exfoliation etc!)

Let harden  and wala! your first taste of soap making. Stay tuned for cold and hot process soap blogs to come!

This is a fun intro to the project, it’s a great way to control your ingredients and it’s safe for kids to be able to be involved!





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