We’re back!

I had some problems with my WordPress password and some issues with that but wanted to let you know to tune in!  We’re back 🙂 big family and all!  I have some ideas about blogging that I haven’t done in a while, in fact a brand new passion for sharing!

First coming up – I have tips for moving with a big family!  (Guest BLOG)  followed by some menu/ cost cutting tips I’ve been asked to share on AND I’m going to be working through some adoption questions including some of our story and help with emotions with essential oils!    So if that appeals to you, make sure you subscribe now!

check out Brian’s blog at http://www.brianfriedl.com and his testimony today on adoption!

No, we aren’t adopting more BUT isn’t it awesome that our children’s hearts are turned towards it!

See you again, SOON!


Friedls adopt more


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