Vacation ~ Great memories

We’re home now! We’ve even been home long enough to catch up on laundry and for 14 people that is amazing!


4.5.14 014

We took the tunnels down to Virginia Beach! We loved the tunnels.4.5.14 036


Both grandsons LOVED the sand.  We picked a gorgeous day to find the water.  It was the warmest day of our vacation!   This was a fun first!


4.5.14 110The horse girls from Iowa loved the horses on the ocean.  This might be on the list for next time!




Traveling :)


We are on the road!  Hitting a little pre-planned vacation. We hit the road for the coast.Image

Hitting hills lots bigger than Iowa has to offer! Image

Finally arriving at our resort ~ this is a MOMYS vacation.  MOMYS stands for Moms of Many Young Siblings.   We’re here with approx. 20 other families that are all big! What a treat 🙂   I’ve been a member of MOMYS since my 13 year old was born! (having at the time 4 kids in 7 years!)  MOMYS has been a huge resource for me in parenting and godly exhortations.  If you qualify for MOMYS -check out either the yahoogroup or the boards.  We are thrilled to be able to help MOMYS earn money for the Care & Share through Young Living Essential Oils!

Stay tuned for more vacation pictures!