Canning for Beginners: What do you need to have on hand?

Good morning!

We have a lot of interest in canning and before we get started I wanted to go ahead and give you a list of supplies.  These wll be primarily Amazon affiliate links but only because they are short.  FEEL free to beg and borrow canning supplies from friends, family and neighbors or grab on craigslist or marketplace!

Seriously, people have these things hanging around.

When you water can acidic items (fruits and jams) you use a water bath canner or a large pot with a rack~

Granite Ware 21.5-Quart Porcelain Canner With Rack

When you can non-acidic food (meant, beans, vegetables) . you need to ues a pressure canner.  The “King” of this is the All-American canner ~ but the other option is this one, this is a great price (cheaper than our local big-box tore!) .

You’ll want jars,  depending on what you are canning, you may want pints or quarts and wide-mouth may have some convenience also.

Other tools: heres a quick set ~ honestly you probably don’t need all of it but you will for surely want a funnel and a jar lifter.

Hope this gets you started! Stay tuned




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