Canning Update

ok peeps!! Better the jars you have now and the pressure canner you have then none!!
Let’s talk!!
Jars are on sale in some places right now and impossible to find in other places.
First ~ ask around! Lots of people may have jars that they are just storing! You may need to do some elbow grease but the price may be right.
I set a price in my head what I’m willing to pay (either used or new) and what my goals are for purchasing jars.
I can 500 jars of tomatoes each year, we do 300 jars of peaches/ pears/ apples ~ add dry canning, meats, beans, soups, and more.
I have a big family, I prefer to can in quarts, you may prefer pints. I prefer large mouth (easier for things like bacon, raw packing….). your needs may be different. I always can some smaller ones into smaller jars for gifting!
You’ll want a pressure canner ::: the Mac Daddy is the All-American, made in the USA and never needs parts like seals . it is gorgeous and an investment to be sure.
I have always preferred to have 2 somewhat cheaper canners and I prefer the Presto. I use the large one because it not only holds the 7 quarts the smaller one does but it also can do a double layer of pints . prices are high on this right now online, but watch for places to have them, *Walmart and Target, but also your local farm shops *
It’s good to have a tall and a short one, because the bigger the canner, the longer it will take to build the pressure up (Talking that tonight in the class.)
Again, ask around, your grand-aunt’s cousin may have a presto in her basement, yes, it may be yellow! but that retro is back in stock!!
You can use a pressure canner bottom to water bath you’re jars… you cannot use a water bath canner to can the low acid food.
If you want a water bath canner ~ the large blue enamel ones are the most popular.
Again, you can use the bottom of your pressure canner or you can use a big stock pot!
Yes. ~ you’ll want to buy the canning supply kit once, you’ll use most of these!
(cheaper on amazon then at the local farm stop!)
and then you’ll be READY To go!!
Here is our live video


Hope this helps you!



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