Here is my promised post:

I love my dehydrator, every time I use it, I love it more and more.  I have had  a Nesco one, but for the last few years have had an Excaliber.

We have used it primarily until this year for deer jerky.  As I delve into more food preservation, I have been able to use it for leftovers, cheap buys on marked down produce and garden abundance!

Here is us – making our own fruit mix for vacation!

(we find spraying the banana chips/apple pcs. with straight lemon juice helps keep them from turning brown)

This is banana chips, strawberry pcs., apple chunks (those got a little too brown, but tasted great!) and then I added raisins and dried organic cranberries. 

We had these on our route and they were delicious!

Hand Made Noodles

From my facebook today,

This is the roller we have,we bought it at  Lehman’s. We do make enough noodles for our family – these are recent photos …

We love home made noodles, we’ve had them this week in homemade Chicken Noodle soup and with Venison tips over noodles!

Our recipe is 6 eggs, 5 cups flour, add a little cold water as needed.  Press through roller, dry a bit, cut, and dry completely!

Momma A

Peaches! lots of peaches! and lots of helpers!

this is the lots part – 4 lugs of 25 lbs each…

this is just one post w/ helpers, we have lots of helpers!  at one point there were 7 of us working on the process.  One washed the peaches, we dunked them in hot water, put them into cold water, peeled them, sliced them, put them in a sugar syrup,  packed them and then ran them through the water bath.

and the result…

it was my frst time doing peaches and I followed the directions from

We did 33 quarts 🙂  and had fun doing it. 

Wonder what is next!?