Here is my promised post:

I love my dehydrator, every time I use it, I love it more and more.  I have had  a Nesco one, but for the last few years have had an Excaliber.

We have used it primarily until this year for deer jerky.  As I delve into more food preservation, I have been able to use it for leftovers, cheap buys on marked down produce and garden abundance!

Here is us – making our own fruit mix for vacation!

(we find spraying the banana chips/apple pcs. with straight lemon juice helps keep them from turning brown)

This is banana chips, strawberry pcs., apple chunks (those got a little too brown, but tasted great!) and then I added raisins and dried organic cranberries. 

We had these on our route and they were delicious!



Well, we are a little late, but is that to be expected with a housefull of blessings and neither time, nor money. (can all things be done with either enough time or enough money? I digress… )
These are our potato rings. They house reds, goldens and kennebec potatos. / We found this handy tutorial on

I don’t know how they will produce but they were easy to build, took up less space than I thought and hopefully, out of the garden space – won’t FLOOD! Welcome to Iowa!!