Freeze the Budget Part 2

So, now you’ve made your menu. I want to talk to you about freezing your spending.

First – set your dollar amount you are aiming to.   I find that 20$ per person per week  which is recommended in the War on Debt by Dani Johnson tends to be high at our house!  (We have 17 people here much of the time.)

Then, make your menu!!  (hey do you need help on your Sunday dishes? This is how I do Sundays )

Make your grocery list according to your menu.   Seriously, if you aren’t eating it on the menu, don’t buy it!

Don’t shop when you are hungry! (Truth!)

Don’t shop with kids (ok, that isn’t possible for some of us but if you do, then turn it into a game! have helpers, price checkers, calculator people.. whatever you need!)

What do you not need to buy?  Time to hit you with a truth.  Mommas, we need to be making more from scratch. If you are buying food made with preservatives and a whole bunch of pre-made stuff, it’s time to start learning more about what it means to say home-made!  if you are on facebook, look me up, I’ll get you added to a beginner group for real food cooking!   In the beginning, I thought things like hamburger helper was home-made, I was so wrong!!  We  need to get back to eating food closest to how God made it, whole and good for our bodies! That means limiting white sugar,white flour, pasta and preservatives!

Alrighty,  clearly more to come. Take some baby-steps with me, and help get your food budget under control.




Freeze the Food Budget (Part 1)

a Good morning to you!

I’m labeling this Part 1!  I *think* we’re going to do more than a couple of posts on freezing the food budget.  The funniest part about this series maybe that this isn’t directed at you, my normal readers!  We know you are generally big family mamas yourself and you may have amazing tips to bring that food budget done! (share in the comments).

I went to a Dani Johnson workshop last month (ORLANDO in January, very nice!)  and one of the things she focuses on is DEBT and if you’ve been reading here, you know that I also am trying to be out of debt!  We were down to our mortgage until we ended up with 2 mortgages and not enough for living expenses!  We are back in debt and that is like JAIL.


The key to this is when you look at your budget – some expenses are fixed… but some aren’t and  our food budget is often one of those!  So what we need to do is look at bringing that expense down!  Folks, there are wayy wayy too many choices for our dollars.  We need to watch where we spend that money, so Step 1 is going to be

a) set a budget – FIRST!  (take your total you spent last time and trim it a bit!)

b) MAKE a Menu!  Account for your life stuff.  We plan morning, lunch and dinner every single day. Makes a huge difference.  Put snacks on the menu if your family does snacks.

c) Make a grocery list according to the MENU and purpose to NOT add to it at the store because you are *hungry *tempted * or caught by *eye candy*.

This is just the first step!  We’re going to be taking the budget post and the menu post into the next level in coming posts! We’re going to talk about trimming the fat and ways to break the spending cycle!

The menu graphic I love is found here:

whats for dinner

So – until next time, start making small changes!




Moving with a big family! Guest POST

While buying a new home is a wonderful and rewarding experience, moving a large family is no easy feat. It can be very difficult to keep things timely and organized, but moving doesn’t have to be a disaster. When you have a huge family, you have a huge advantage: helpers, helpers, helpers! This list of tips will help ensure that getting your whole clan from one home into another goes as smoothly as possible.

The first thing I would suggest is making or finding a time-organized checklist a couple of months before the move. Like this handy moving guide, or this awesome, printable moving checklist. Now that the basics are covered, here are some tips specifically geared to help large families stay organized and on schedule:

Family Day

Have a family day a month or so before the move where everyone helps go through everything. Get rid of things that aren’t needed or used or clothes that don’t fit. If clothes or toys are being passed down, move them to the right child’s room now so they will be in the right place when you get to the new house. De-cluttering in advance will save a lot of time and hassle come moving week, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to donate much needed supplies to a family, church, or organization that needs it.

Pack and Organize Important Records Early

Getting your families’ vital, medical, school, and financial records packed and organized well in advance will save a lot of stress. Plus, if you don’t already have a filing system in place to keep everything organized, now is the time to do it! You can buy boxes that hold hanging file folders that you can use for the move, and you can also use them for storage for however long you want (you can upgrade to a fancy filing cabinet later if you like.) More little blessings means more records to get lost or misplaced, so I highly recommend having them well organized and filed, and moving is the perfect time to get them there or simply re-organize them!

Use It or Lose It!

About six weeks before the move, start trying to whittle down your pantry and freezer items so you’ll have less to move, and try to eat everything you can from the fridge in the last week before the move. It might even be a good idea to run out of food a day or two before and just order pizza or eat out. A large family means a lot of stuff, so alleviating things that are easily and often replenished, like food and personal care items, will mean less packing and unpacking.

Utilize Your Assets

There are so many tasks involved with preparing and planning for a move, and different age groups can handle different responsibilities. Take some time to sit down and write up what’s expected of each child, or each age group. You know what’s best, but here are some general guidelines:

Teenagers can pack all of their own things, and can also help pack fragile items and kitchen, outdoor, or garage items.

Pre-teens can pack all of their own things and most household items, although it’s best to leave dangerous tools and equipment to older children or adults.

Kids ages 8-10 can pack all of their own clothes, bedding, and toys, but may need some assistance packing anything fragile or sensitive electronics. They can also help with household items like books, movies, and games.

Kids ages 6-8 can pack their clothes and toys, but will probably need assistance with electronics and fragiles.

Kids 4-6 can pack toys and stuffed animals, and may be able to pack their own clothes.

Make Labeling Easier

Instead of using a marker (that always seems to disappear) to label each individual box, consider color coding. It’s worth the money to buy colored packing tape or larger sized price-sticker type labels and assign a different color to each child and each room in the house. It will save so much time not having to write on each box, and when you’re moving in, a simple glance at the boxes will automatically tell you where each one goes.


Don’t get too attached to the notion that you will somehow be able to annihilate Mt. Never Washed before the move. Let’s face it, if you have more than a few kids, there’s no way you’re escaping the house with all clean laundry. While you can make sure most clothes, towels, and linens are clean and packed, there’s just no reason you should be worried about laundry the day of, or even the day before, the move. A good way to keep things organized is to give each child their own trash bag to put all their dirty laundry in on moving day. They could use laundry baskets, but it will take up so much more room: empty baskets can all be stacked, and trash bags full of clothes can be easily molded into awkward spaces on the moving truck. Trash bags are also a great, space-saving option for packing bedding and pillows.

Tips For Moving Day

When moving day comes, keep the older kids around to help, but try and find a place for the little ones to go for a while, or see if a friend or family member can come over and keep them occupied with a backyard activity so they’ll be out of your hair.

The traditional method of emptying out one room at a time may not work with so many bodies moving in and out, so delegate. Have a few of the strongest helpers on furniture duty, and then have the smaller ones assigned to empty boxes and everything else out of rooms one at a time. Make a list or even a map showing how to empty out the house (rooms closest to the door first so that things flow smoothly and there’s less in the way.) Also, have a couple of people in the back of the truck there to just organize things, that way the movers can just bring things to the truck and leave them there without worrying about finding the right place to put it. Use this system and your home will be emptied faster than you could ever imagine!

And finally, when you get to the new house, adopt the same method: Keep two or three in the back of the truck to hand things to the relayers, who will take each box or piece of furniture to the proper room. Once the truck is empty, take an hour and assign different family members to help unpack the things you’ll need right away like kitchen items, bathroom items, and school stuff. Then you can let the children go into their own spaces and unpack their own things.

The last piece of advice I can offer is to slow down, take a deep breath, and relax. Moving is a stressful task, but you’ve got this!

I hope these tips are helpful, and if you have any useful tidbits of your own, leave them in the comment section!

By AJ Earley

We’re back!

I had some problems with my WordPress password and some issues with that but wanted to let you know to tune in!  We’re back 🙂 big family and all!  I have some ideas about blogging that I haven’t done in a while, in fact a brand new passion for sharing!

First coming up – I have tips for moving with a big family!  (Guest BLOG)  followed by some menu/ cost cutting tips I’ve been asked to share on AND I’m going to be working through some adoption questions including some of our story and help with emotions with essential oils!    So if that appeals to you, make sure you subscribe now!

check out Brian’s blog at and his testimony today on adoption!

No, we aren’t adopting more BUT isn’t it awesome that our children’s hearts are turned towards it!

See you again, SOON!


Friedls adopt more

Called Higher – Journey On!

This is my new mantra .. all the things we are in Christ are good, but we journey on.  We go … more.  We move Onward (my kids laughed at that word yesterday)  but He is calling me higher, calling me deeper. So thankful, amazed at all the things that have happened since I have said yes to this journey.  I’ve committed.  I’m His.

I can’t wait to see what is in front of me.  And yes, that makes me nervous too!

What is a moment? 5 quick tips for young mamas!

you look back at time.  It is the conglomeration of moments made together.

When you are a busy mom – (trust me!) I know!  I’ve  got 15 kiddos living at home!

orchard homework 097

In every single  moment -every overwhelming,crazy, chaotic moment of this mom of 22 kiddos, I am blessed.  How does a momma of a big family keep her eyes on being blessed instead of overwhelmed?

#findthesmallthings  ~ the hugs, the dandelions, the hand-drawn pictures, sloppy kisses.

10.7.15 049

why yes, that is a panda visiting my teepee..  art work original by Gavin

#remember  ~ post scriptures around your house, make it a part of your day to find scripture and share them, bathroom mirrors, cupboard doors and at entries are all great places!

#journal ~ thanksgiving journal will be a great way to look back at memories but posting what you are thankful for is a huge reminder that we are blessed so much  more!

#printyoursocialmedia ~ we are all so guilty of putting pictures up but how about printing them off and having them in books your kids can touch!  My little guys all have their own brag books 🙂  It’s a blessing.

#takethepictures ~ toothpaste on the face? mud pie mess? trust me, very soon time will pass and they won’t be messy any longer and they sure won’t tolerate you taking the pics!

Be careful young mamas,  when you are so overwhelmed in the minutia, that you forget that what you are doing is building the memories! Then one day you will look around and your kiddos will be grown!  the number of children shorter than me shrinks almost daily…  and each stage is a blessing but remember to enjoy each one.

italy, croatia, work 116

1 Thess 5:16-18 Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.



Time …

Such a neat thing to update my about me page.  Made me think about time.

Weird how so much is the same, weird how much is different.  Add that in to an extra special weekend where I got to see a friend from before I had children.  The last time I saw her was the fall of 2002!  The great thing about friendships grounded in the love of Jesus is that nothing had changed.  ALL things pointed to how God was at work in our lives. the good, the bad, the ugly, the moves, the kids, the DIETS (and when I say that, I’m not talking weight loss, I’m talking about specific food allergens! bless her heart!)

anyway, time has passed..  we LOOK the same!! (I’m sure!)   can’t believe I left her house without a photo!

anyway, the thing is while no time has passed at all..  our babies have grown up.  WE facetimed between the homes, (hubby had to be included).. and the children are sooo old, some of the ones that were littles back in 02 aren’t even at home anymore.

Time. how does it both pass in quantum leaps and yet stand still?

More updates to come..



October 2015 Young Living Promotions! SAVE more!

OCT 2015 promo

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What a great time to save even more with OIL Infused Lifestyle!

Someone smarter than I did some math 🙂

Just a thought about the October promo…
Combine it with the YL OIL infused promotion…

For instance:
If you are at the 20% ER level and place a 300pv – that’s 60pv in ER points to use later..
Plus your $157 in freebies for the 300pv level..
PLUS the 15pv for the lowest OIL infused program..
So- spend 300pv and get equivelant to 232 pV worth of FREE products & credit..

Crazy! What other company does that?

oil infuse

LOVE saving money!

Ask me how 🙂