Sunday Cooking

Here we go again! Another busy Sunday.  You – the Martha Stewart one in the back – sit down!  Every other very busy MOMYS feel free to pay attention!  You, busy mom, have gotten your children to church, looking very decent, and yet you have NOT had time to brush your hair, or your teeth, or the spit-up off your shirt.  What happens the minute church is done, you will be stampeded by your children who are dying of starvation (no offense to the millions in Africa who can go longer than 2.5 hours and who maybe actually cannot remember their last meal…  )


So, here is my plan.  When I walk out the door to church, we already have lunch plans ready to go.

1st sunday – potluck at church

2nd Sunday – roasted chickens

3rd Sunday – roast beef

4th Sunday – Turkey

5th Sunday – Hams or pork loin

When we get home, we work on side dishes, either putting out biscuits and a vegetable, etc. 

Other tips, we don’t do dessert on Sunday noons. We do it on Sunday nights, after we eat the leftover related to the meal.   For our chicken, I have a casserole I make.  Recipe to follow.  Turkey is turkey noodle soup.  Roast beef might end up as pulled meat sandwiches.  Ham ends up as some sort of casserole and my favorite – pork loin ends up inside potato soup. yum!

This way, we save lots of money on not eating out and come home to a great smelling house. 

Maybe anchoring one part of your meal planning will make your Lord’s Day run a little smoother.


P.S. we do stray off the plan, did a lovely grill out tonight with a local homeschooling family.


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