Time …

Such a neat thing to update my about me page.  Made me think about time.

Weird how so much is the same, weird how much is different.  Add that in to an extra special weekend where I got to see a friend from before I had children.  The last time I saw her was the fall of 2002!  The great thing about friendships grounded in the love of Jesus is that nothing had changed.  ALL things pointed to how God was at work in our lives. the good, the bad, the ugly, the moves, the kids, the DIETS (and when I say that, I’m not talking weight loss, I’m talking about specific food allergens! bless her heart!)

anyway, time has passed..  we LOOK the same!! (I’m sure!)   can’t believe I left her house without a photo!

anyway, the thing is while no time has passed at all..  our babies have grown up.  WE facetimed between the homes, (hubby had to be included).. and the children are sooo old, some of the ones that were littles back in 02 aren’t even at home anymore.

Time. how does it both pass in quantum leaps and yet stand still?

More updates to come..




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