What is a moment? 5 quick tips for young mamas!

you look back at time.  It is the conglomeration of moments made together.

When you are a busy mom – (trust me!) I know!  I’ve  got 15 kiddos living at home!

orchard homework 097

In every single  moment -every overwhelming,crazy, chaotic moment of this mom of 22 kiddos, I am blessed.  How does a momma of a big family keep her eyes on being blessed instead of overwhelmed?

#findthesmallthings  ~ the hugs, the dandelions, the hand-drawn pictures, sloppy kisses.

10.7.15 049

why yes, that is a panda visiting my teepee..  art work original by Gavin

#remember  ~ post scriptures around your house, make it a part of your day to find scripture and share them, bathroom mirrors, cupboard doors and at entries are all great places!

#journal ~ thanksgiving journal will be a great way to look back at memories but posting what you are thankful for is a huge reminder that we are blessed so much  more!

#printyoursocialmedia ~ we are all so guilty of putting pictures up but how about printing them off and having them in books your kids can touch!  My little guys all have their own brag books 🙂  It’s a blessing.

#takethepictures ~ toothpaste on the face? mud pie mess? trust me, very soon time will pass and they won’t be messy any longer and they sure won’t tolerate you taking the pics!

Be careful young mamas,  when you are so overwhelmed in the minutia, that you forget that what you are doing is building the memories! Then one day you will look around and your kiddos will be grown!  the number of children shorter than me shrinks almost daily…  and each stage is a blessing but remember to enjoy each one.

italy, croatia, work 116

1 Thess 5:16-18 Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.




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