sadness on the homestead



Last night I was doing an online event when supper was running late so I was running back and forth, by 7:10 they were all sitting at the table and I was back at computer, at 7:15 (central time) my 3 year old looked out the window and our small barn was on fire!! It was a blistering -20 with windchill and our excitement took 7 firetrucks! (2 departments) and 1000 gallons of water! That does explain WHY my garden hose couldn’t put it out  Yes all of our heirloom breeding turkeys perished but 1.  Sad day 😦 


What we did this weekend ->

Saturday we had an amazing day. We searched online for skoolie buses for  a long time.  We knew another large homeschooling family with one and so have been trying to find one that “meets OUR unique needs”.  We drove about 2 hours Saturday over to drive one.  I’m not sure that it was THE ONE, but it was a start.

We then went to Chuck  E. Cheese.  There isn’t one close to us at all so when we get that close, we make it an event! I do have some photos for this but not able to get those off yet.

It was raining so it was not a good farm day.

Sunday, we spent at Worship and again, watching the outside —> rain. Late Sunday night, I took the big kids to see Night at the Museum 2.  Wow! Not for littles but very entertaining.

Monday, the sun shone, so to work we went!   We had a huge to do list, and we didn’t accomplish all of it, but we sure did work hard. 

First, the Turkeys… They were originally in a brooder.  (Maybe Brian can add a pic of this).  Then they went to a tiny room we have in our big barn and yesterday they moved to their new home with a huge new yard.    This yard was completely closed with trees and debris.  It is rather large, probably 20*30 or so.   The fence itself didn’t need much work as the Turkeys won’t be there forever *Grin*
turkey yard

Here is Keisa moving the turkeys…Keisa moving turey

We have 13 of our original tureys left.  Here they are – exploring the new yard.

turkeys in yard


This was just our first task for the day… stay tuned for more updates.