What we did this weekend ->

Saturday we had an amazing day. We searched online for skoolie buses for  a long time.  We knew another large homeschooling family with one and so have been trying to find one that “meets OUR unique needs”.  We drove about 2 hours Saturday over to drive one.  I’m not sure that it was THE ONE, but it was a start.

We then went to Chuck  E. Cheese.  There isn’t one close to us at all so when we get that close, we make it an event! I do have some photos for this but not able to get those off yet.

It was raining so it was not a good farm day.

Sunday, we spent at Worship and again, watching the outside —> rain. Late Sunday night, I took the big kids to see Night at the Museum 2.  Wow! Not for littles but very entertaining.

Monday, the sun shone, so to work we went!   We had a huge to do list, and we didn’t accomplish all of it, but we sure did work hard. 

First, the Turkeys… They were originally in a brooder.  (Maybe Brian can add a pic of this).  Then they went to a tiny room we have in our big barn and yesterday they moved to their new home with a huge new yard.    This yard was completely closed with trees and debris.  It is rather large, probably 20*30 or so.   The fence itself didn’t need much work as the Turkeys won’t be there forever *Grin*
turkey yard

Here is Keisa moving the turkeys…Keisa moving turey

We have 13 of our original tureys left.  Here they are – exploring the new yard.

turkeys in yard


This was just our first task for the day… stay tuned for more updates.



3 thoughts on “What we did this weekend ->

  1. HAHA! IT looks like their door is blocked, but that door goes into another room, not their room, they are in the 2nd doorway. Funny photo. Amanda

  2. Yes, this is our acreage in Iowa. On my personal blog you can find all of the pics in late 2006.

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