All in A Day – a Typical Day

My first thought on this topic was… well, I’m off the hook, I have nothing to write! There is no typical day at our house!

But then I thought about it. I am just not off the hook that easy.  YES! There is a price to be paid by trying to be open to God’s leading and following Him each and every day, and sometimes that price is “normality”.  BUT – we do have a routine, and even if I, or my husband, or the children have specific needs or are gone, stuff still gets done.  It is because of the stuff getting done part that comes the knowledge that we have that routine.

So, in essence, even though not a single day looks like this… here is a typical day 🙂

7:15 am – alarm – ignore ignore ignore… yep i’m a late sleeper!  Brian’s already been up and going for hours! We used to do family time about now but with Brian’s new work schedule,  he’s already working.

8:00 am – coffee in hand, stumble towards computer.  breakfast going (probably by a pre-teen although my 8 year old LOVES to cook breakfast, and serve it to everyone. Personal care – cleaning your room, etc.. Farm Chores!

9:00 am – school starts, I start with youngest and work my way up.  On good days, where we can stay home and DO school, I am loving the Before Five in a Row for the little guys.   This is a must drop if I’m doing running, helping with ministry stuff, etc.

10:00am – work on checking off school, kids keep plugging away.  I plan to share in a future post my ideas for getting through school with lots of kids.

11:30 am – Family Devotional Time – some bigger kids and Dad have theirs done by now, I usually do mine at night, preferably late but I sure do enjoy a cup of coffee and early devos too.  My problem is I like to do it uninterrupted (seriously!)

12:00 – lunch

1:00 – today we were babysitting a grandbaby (actually we have all week) and he needed a nap…  keep going on school,  my children use charts or check lists depending on age to know what they need to accomplish.

This would be the time that I like to work on family subjects of read alouds and history!  This hasn’t worked as well for me this year as it has for the last 4, but we’re plugging through!

3:00 – crazy time starts, snack, sports practices, Dad is off work with his current schedule. the afternoon will include all sorts of things, soon I hope to have in including gardening, On Wednesdays we are consumed with church prep stuff.

We eat supper around 6.  After supper, assigned chores by those who have them!

We start bedtime at 8.

I’m so amazed that as hard as this year has been, as crazy!  Brian working 2 jobs, myself doing an enormous amount of support work, the adult children and their needs, the children at home and theirs, more obvious… we have gotten a lot accomplished.  We do get school done, we are working in ministry and looking at ways to expand that even more.  We do love making meals for others, or helping other families, especially babysitting little lambs.  This routine is why we are able to accomplish so much!  With the huge upcoming change for Brian’s job and our need to cut our expenses, we are developing more and more skills and the need to be able to provide more for less. This all needs to fit into the same 24 hours we get every day!

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What we've been up to…

First off.. the Wisconsin homeschool convention, (  where we saw good friends.  Here I am in the car 🙂  not a great photo, but accurate.

Mom's Phone download 7.8.09 108


The following week, I was called back to Madison, to pick up our son who broke his leg. He was in the hospital with rods for his femur.  This has been very challenging because he has been on crutches now for 6 weeks.  (which may be where I’ve been).  

The next day we send our second son off to Ireland on Teen Missions… see 

Mom's Phone download 7.8.09 054

Then, DH and I took turns going to NICHE (Iowa Homeschool conference) where Voddie Bauchum was speaking.  His messages were inspirational to all of us. We were able to take several of the big boys with us both days. 

Next to that, we were able to get some off to camp.  We have 2 going to Pine Lake, one at Hidden Acres (home of the great homeschool camp!), one off to FCA soon. 

As far as homeschooling… we’ve been working to finish up old math books. Does anybody else have ratty workbooks with pages missing?  We  haven’t been doing any workboxes but we have been trying to do some fun math activities to firm up skills.

For our church VBS, we were using the Keepers At Home/Contenders of the Faith curriculum.  I’m not quite sure why we dont’ have any photos of the girls clubs, but we did soap making, laundry and cleaning, and rubber stamping. We also helped each of the girls start their own home making binders.   The boys did small engines, camping and woodworking.  Here are photos from woodworking: Brian's computer download 7.8.09 144

Brian's computer download 7.8.09 151 (notice the fore-mentioned crutches!)

Lastly, thanks to a great post , we’ve been having lots of summer fun. Here we are making chunky crayons. Brian's computer download 7.8.09 188

Brian's computer download 7.8.09 189 

Then… the sidewalk chalk paint:Brian's computer download 7.8.09 195 (Mixing it!)

Brian's computer download 7.8.09 199

(painting) and results….

Brian's computer download 7.8.09 200 which just like the directions said were so vivid and colorful. The photos just don’t do it justice.

Anyway, that is summer so far on the homestead.  Next week is an adventure as the big kids and DH will be gone on a mission trip to Kansas City.

Love, Mommaplus