A Science We LOVE for homeschooling – Christian Kids Explore series

So, we’ve been using the Book Series Christian Kids Explore for over 9 years in our local homeschool cooperative.  We do the 4 books in the cycle 🙂

Christian Kids Explore Biology

Christian Kids Explore chemistry

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space

Christian Kids Explore Physics

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Well ~ the deal is, the content is easy to use for a big family.

It covers multigrades and you can expand it!  If you have littles, add some fun readers in the same topics 🙂   The Biology is probably the easiest, so if you have the younger ages – (grades 2-6) start there! The Physics is the hardest, think my edition is labeled grades 4-8.  You can really easily help kiddos on either end get a great exposure!

It is awesome hands on 🙂   (this is the inner core, outer core, mantles and crust!)

image1 image2


(plate tectonics!)

If you love homeschooling and hands on application of Science, consider this great series!