Candle Making!

I love making candles.  I started out by making some 4 hour candles that I saw on a blog link.  We had a really good time doing this.

We then found a  lady who was getting out of the candle making business and I purchased some coloring and fragrance.  WOW ~ did that make candle making fun!

It’s super simple to make ~ you take the soy wax flakes

Product Details

melt them down in a double broiler.

Find a container (I’ve used pint jars and cheap ones I find at Goodwills or garage sales.)  Put a wick in the container and fill 🙂

They dry beautifully.

soy candlesThese are some I made at a local homeschool event.  I also have done a class at the local area arts center as well.  Super fun, super cheap.



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