Breakfasts – Scheduling makes it easy!

Hi all,

after being asked about how we do breakfasts at the big fam house, I decided to share what we’ve been doing for about the last 10-11 months.

Monday – always Oatmeal… Mondays are a bit (ahem…) harder to get going than other days, and I love a nice hot breakfast where I don’t’ have to stand in front of a stove!   Variety we add ~ different fruits – fresh, frozen, dehydrated or home-canned 🙂   My favorite is probably peaches (canned from Azure) and cream.  (We’re milking a cow, so there is lots of cream!)  Other choices – dehydrated rhubarb or apple pcs, brown sugar with a little maple syrup. Yum!   I’ve just recently started adding a little bit of cinnamon bark Young Living Essential oil for a fresh taste.  It was October’s free special with ordering so I just started.   A drop goes a long way!

Tuesdays – always eggs.  Lots of variety! Eggs/Bacon, scrambled fried, breakfast burritos.  One of my favorites is breakfast bowls – take sausage, hashbrowns, fried egg and add cheese 🙂

Wednesday – pancakes, usually buttermilk but occasionally pumpkin.

Thursdays – biscuit days –  biscuits and gravy, biscuits and sausage, buttermilk biscuits and home-made jelly or apple butter. Yum!

Fridays – waffles 🙂   We have this one!

Saturdays – French Toast and Sausage.

Sundays – Granola


Easy to remember ~ Easy to plan for ~ Still some variety 🙂

What do you do?





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