Garden Update 6/15/13

I am so far behind, not necessarily on gardening (but actually – yes behind on weeding!)  That being said ~ here is the new garden for this year.

New Garden!

New Garden!

We added a garden, it’s about 50*80.  My plan for it this year is dried goods.  I’m so interested in figuring out
1) how to grow dried goods that will last my family through this winter and
2) growing food that will help feed my animals into the winter.  *this is a definite learning curve for me*
I have planted 10 sweet potato plants.  (future link coming on growing from slips)  ~ 8 16 ft panels of dried beans and a 5 ft panel I’m trying from my soup mix,  corn ~~~  thinking dried corn.  Squash ~Pumpkins~ stuff for the chickens to eat through the winter.  Break one open and let them peck at them 🙂
I’ll keep you posted!

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