Sweet Potato Slips ~ 2013

This is my very first time growing Sweet Potato Slips.  
I bought 3 sweet potatoes from Azure Standard (Organic).  They were huge!  
You take a sweet potato and poke some tooth picks into the sides of it, place the bottom half into a mason pint jar of water and let it sprout. You pick the sprouts off and put them into another jar.  iphone download 348
Then, you wait for it to grow roots.  This is what you plant into the ground.  From those 3 sweet potatoes, I grew over 32 splits,  they just keep growing!!  
iphone download 347
I placed them into a warm window sill where the grew roots 🙂 
iphone download 531
 When it got warm enough, this is what I planted outside.  Stay tuned!!  

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