Making Butter :)

I’d love to share how we make butter. We make butter 2x a week 🙂
First, let your raw milk settle for about 24 hours, the cream will settle on top. i scoop my cream out with a turkey baster. It’s not the most professional way but it works!

I put 8 cups of cream into my Dimension mixer at a time and then I whip it. iphone download 080
I whip it into the buttermilk and the butter separate and I get clobs of yummy delicious butter.  iphone download 078
Then I rinse and rinse and rinse it… you want to rinse it clear.
iphone download 079
In the above picture, you can see some drops of buttermilk on it and my strainer. Seriously – get all of the buttermilk out. You can then rewhip it at this point with salt if you want salted butter. I usually skip this step.
Lastly, I mold my butters into 1/4 cup chunks of butter and place them on a cookie sheet covered in wax paper. iphone download 081
iphone download 083
I flash freeze these in my freezer and then put them into a container in my freezer where they will store really well.

Of course, this is another option 🙂
iphone download 084Blessings,




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