Azure Standard

Azure  Standard Food order

I was recently asked what I ordered from Azure Standard and I thought you would find it interesting to see what we do every month.

Azure carries organic and transitional as well as bulk items.  Every month, we place our order by our route date and then about 5 days later, we drive to meet the truck at the “drop” site.   When we get there, we sort everybody’s orders out and I bring home the orders for my town – (the picture above is not all mine!)

What do I buy?

  • butter (Before I had a milking cow, I bought butter for the SAME price as the grocery store but I got yummy organic yellow butter.  Now, I have a cow and as I’m drowning in milk (see later post) I have lots of our own.
  • Potatoes  (organic potatoes at cheaper prices then my local store, we buy the 5*10lb bags and use them up or can them if they start going bad)
  • Almost always apples, apples to eat, apples to sauce, apples to can in plain syrup!
  • Bulk goods – beans, oats and wheat berries for sure!

Do you have an Azure Standard near you? What do you purchase?


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