Where have we been…

We’ve been super busy on the farm.  We have been getting seeds started, we’ve got about 500 starters going so far and another 200 to finish tomorrow, just got tired I guess.   They are on trays under growth lights because we are getting 2″ of snow tonight into tomorrow – BOO!!!  We buy only Heirloom, non-GMO seeds! We’re passionate about this obviously.

We did  quite a bit of canning over the weekend.   One thing we’ve been wanting to get to is canning meat in our pressure canner.  

It was not as hard as it sounds.  We did up about 20 lbs of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts.  We did quarts and  followed the directions from here: Food Storage Made Easy

It turned out well-  notice I’m using my tattler lids!  i tried to put my sales link on the side bar and right now that’s not working so if you are interested – go ahead and leave me a message in the comments and I’ll email you.  I won’t post your private info 🙂  We love our tattler lids!    I’m planning a future post on this really soon! we wanted to do a whole bunch so we could completely feel confident in our testimony!!

We also did a whole lot more of carrots/potatos mixed. We add these into our stews, or roasts.  They are not mushy at all – and are really yummy.

We reorganized some food and living space – am very happy with how it turned out. We’ve started ordering from Azure Standard and I needed to have a spot to store organizing food.  I really like how Laura from Heavenly Homemakers shares her Azure ordering – I’ve linked her bulk post and I ❤ how every month she lists the Azure specials.  I’ll work in May on PICTURES like Laura does!  We ordered wheat berries, honey, potatos,

We also have been very busy at church, the hubby part of the homestead was offered the Associate pastor position at church and is heading back to school!

Sorry I haven’t been posting, maybe with the snow, it will settle down a bit,  baby chick pics coming soon!


1 thought on “Where have we been…

  1. Hi just found your site on mega family blogger I love it! I would love more info on tator lids are these the reusable lids? Could you email me or pm me on momys.com I am Little_blessings thanks

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