Williamsburg – part 1

We are very blessed to be part of a group of people that vacation together.  We have done this consistently since spring of 2002.  We have missed 3 years in all this time (2007 – house fire, 2008 – we did Florida instead, and 2010 grandbaby!)  This year, we came home saying, “next year is a must do”.  It is through a group called MOMYS that we get to go.  MOMYS stands for Moms of Many Young Siblings.  To qualify, at some point in your life you would need to have 4 children in an 8 year age span.  (obviously I have qualified a few times over… I have 4 in one year age span)  MOMYS  has a web presence through their message boards, their wall, and through the daily email loop.  We also have special loops for Adoptive MOMYS, Moms with Special needs blessings and more!

I’ve put our family photo out to see on the last post, so let me tell you a little more about our trip.  We drove to Indiana to stay with friends from MOMYS -and this has been so wonderful in the past, that we stayed there an extra day (planned for!)  We would also stay with them on the way home for an overnight as well.  This greatly broke up our time in the car.

The activities included in our Williamsburg package are: a 4 bdrm, 3 bathroom, 2 living room, 2 kitchen resort with a hot tub that seats 6 as our accomodations.

beautiful resort

Activities included in our price for the week were

  • a dad’s breakfast (does anyone have pictures of this??)
  • a large group gathering the first whole day for family introductions and introductions to the dance
  • a mom’s dessert (at the place that copyrighted Death By Chocolate)
  • a girl’s tea

    @ the girl's tea Williamsburg 2011

  • a boy’s craft project – they made leather pouches to hold their “stuff”

    Boys Craft Pouch

  • a boy’s encampment with training in guns

    Training "future men"

  • multiple lectures by a heritage speaker with a heart for the children (Jamestown -1 day, Williamsburg on multiple occasions including one night-time tour, Yorktown, different talks than other years and greatly enjoyed by us!)

    Discussing the growth of slavery in the colonies

  • the King’s ball with provided desserts and beverages – amazing!

    As the King's Ball is beginning, waiting dancers and waiting refreshments!

    ~many dancers~

Well, there were a few things we paid for on top of that, the parent’s dinner out (a wonderful treat!), the teenager dinner out and the costuming tour at Colonial Williamsburg (hopefully a separate post because it was amazing!)  as well as the much requested visit to Coldstone Creamery.

I have more posts coming on our vacation, it was a wonderful time and very relaxing. We were able to do it on an incredibly tight budget that got tighter as gas went up yet it was so filled with activity that it didn’t matter!

Here are some other bloggers on their Williamsburg adventures:



One of my favorite pictures – just for fun!

love this picture!

More to come,



4 thoughts on “Williamsburg – part 1

  1. Missed seeing many friends from years past, this year – the week we went was mostly new people! Hope all is well with you and your family.

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