Are you interested in Homesteading?

If you are interested in homesteading = this book is awesome! And you can win it this week at Homestead community!  The Homestead community is an amazing place to connect with some other like-minded homesteaders.  They are giving away 2 copies!  Hope I  you and I both win!!!


1 thought on “Are you interested in Homesteading?

  1. Hi, I’m glad I found your blog since my husband and I just moved last year from the busy Bay Area of California to buy a home and property here in Virginia! We also have 6 children (7 years and younger).
    Boy are we green…still trying to just get the fence built (mainly for our kids only because we have one with special needs who is prone to wonder – or just take off), then eventually one for the livestock we would like to have. Sounds like you’ve been where we are already and we could learn a lot. Gotta go,

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