-And the chickens moved too!-

We have a chicken building.  It is 3 parts.  On the East side, are our layer chickens.  In the middle, is our storage area and brooders.  On the West side, is the NEW and IMPROVED meat bird side.  Once moved out of their brooder, we had to wait until it stopped raining, and we were home to get them into their new yard.  (Our daughter had a car accident last weekend and we were at the hospital the entire Saturday – figures… it was gorgeous weather!)   Well, this weekend, their accomodations became deluxe.   We added a door to their pen and moved their fencing to the back of the chicken coop.  Their new fence home is probably 20*40 and they LOVE it!

Bri chicks

Here we are adding the door to the back of the building.  Brian is introducing the chickens to the yard.   

Denetra and baby chick

He needed help from the inside, so as we are blessed with helpers… they shoved them out the door.

chickens in yard

They were outside here while we built that new door.  They have lots of space to grow now.



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