Why I quit blogging..

I was never a good blogger. It sort of goes along with my list of things I’ve started and never finished.  Scrapbooks, baby albums, a knitted shawl, a baby quilt for a friend (she’s now 2.)

Blogging though for me is different than crafts and I didn’t quit because I didn’t know how to go on.  The honest and somewhat painful truth for me is that I quit blogging because the only way I knew to go on was to become more vulnerable.  As I share more and more about our lives, it becomes evident that the little homestead isn’t perfect.

And folks, vulnerable is scary.  Blogging, is scary. It’s putting your  entire heart out there. It’s making your life open for scrutiny.  It’s letting everyone see the moments that don’t work. Sure – people celebrate the successes BUT like it or not, people love to glorify the MOMENTS where you fail.  They gloat on them, they reminded you “that they told you, this wouldn’t work.”

People want to know why we don’t write a book about our stories, I default to ” I don’t have time to write about it.”  The reality is that writing about it, is too painful.  The reminder to me that God isn’t done with our story yet is the comfort that gets me to the next day.  The reminder that His mercies are new each morning, helps me wake up. The reminder that He will provide each and every grace as I need it.

And that, is why I’m sharing today.


3 thoughts on “Why I quit blogging..

  1. I have had those moments as well, and always go back to why I started. If God called you to it, then leave the door open, and post when you can, because He may draw you back there in a more active way later. If the season has ended, let it go dormant. If the leading of God is to pick up and move on, then let it die. Either way, the heart of the matter is that we keep our hearts before Him!

  2. You are an amazing woman that I love and respect! What you are doing is snatching people from the grips of evil and loving them into a much healthier place. You two need to stand tall and be proud. God will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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