All in A Day: Crazy Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings – a quote my husband likes (I think Chuck Swindoll?)  is that some of you lose your Christianity on your way to church.   I will admit that we have our definite moments where it is crazy!  It actually used to be crazier, we had 6 children under 7 at one point, and now we only have 2 under 8 so definitely different stage of life.   Most all of our children are fully capable of getting themselves ready in the morning now.  Actually doesn’t it seem like the teenagers are the worst!  (at home 18,17,16,14,14,13)

My husband works with the youth at our church and he teaches Sunday School.  His long-term goal is entering the pastorate (separate post there!)   It is imperative that we are on time.   Here’s what we do:

1. Set out our clothes ahead of time. This means ironed, this means shoes ready.  This prevents arguing over clothes on Sunday morning. (Mostly me – saying it isn’t appropriate).

2. Have our Bibles and our hotebooks ready to go.

3. Have our lunch ready to go into the oven.  See this post: on Sunday cooking. Use the roaster where appropriate.

4. Our Sunday breakfasts are very simple, it is cereal, oatmeal packets, etc.  We eat whole meals every other day of the week, but this makes sure that the children are motivated to get to the table 🙂 and it takes less time to prepare.

5. Set a timer, and keep giving time reminders.

6. When in doubt, dad goes on ahead and mom follows with all stragglers. grrr… Well, it’s an honest blog, we’re not always all on time.

I think the best advice I’d give someone trying to make Sundays less crazy would be to find systems that work for you.  Look for ways to make your morning easier.  Yes, in my world, that includes bribing someone to start the coffee!

God Bless, we’re off on vacation for 11 days in 2 days!  I’ve got posts in the hopper on preparing for spring, dehydrating foods (love this!) and ways to prepare for vacation for a LARGE family.  We’ll see if that gets done as I’m pretty busy making sure everyone has what they need for vacation.

Don’t know how much internet I’ll have along the way, but hope to post soon.


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2 thoughts on “All in A Day: Crazy Sunday mornings

  1. So glad I found your blog. 🙂

    We had our first 5 kids in 4 years … and added number six 18 months later (for 6 in 6 years).

    So, we had HOUSE FULL of The Littles.

    Then, when those 6 were all teens at the same time, we had 2 “extra” teens living with us … giving us 8 teens at home at once (along with 4 Littles).

    Now, we have six 20-somethings (all grown and gone) and six still at home (9, 9, 11, 12, 14, 18).

    Kids grow. Motherhood seasons change. But, each season comes with its own blessings and its own challenges.

    Hope you are BLESSED by this season of motherhood.

    Laurel 🙂

    PS: I’d love to be a part of your All In A Day bloggers. How does that work?

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