What are you doing to get ready for Spring?

Up here in Iowa, we have been surrounded by massive quantities of white fluffy stuff for so long, it’s hard to imagine that it will ever change! But this weekend our temp should be above freezing for multiple days in a row!

So for spring -> We’re taking a humongous paycut as my husband beomes the fulltime pastor at our church and is no longer supplementing our income with the field that pays lots better of Informational Technologies Consulting. We want to be producing half of our food from our farm.


We’ll be doubling the size of our garden. Our garden has had both productive years and non-productive years and because it’s always supplemented our eating, it hasn’t been a concern. This year we’ll be looking at ways to increase supply. We’re also adding another area to our garden that we hope won’t be impacted by flooding. Iowa’s flooding makes national news and it makes garden news here at our farm. We’re moving to another part of the acreage in an attempt to bring it to higher ground. Good news – no flooding, bad news – in that area, we’re starting from scratch!

This year, we will again by doing chickens. We do layers for eggs and meatbirds as well.

Layers: We are local to to the McMurray Hatchery and Welp’s is fairly close by as well. We also have ordered from Cackle Hatchery in Missouri. There is something extra fun for the kids about going to pick up the new chickens right from the hatchery and they certainly don’t suffer the trauma of being mailed for a couple of days.
As far as chickens go – our favorite layers are Buff Orpingtons.

We’ll see how it goes.


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