Grocery Shopping is one of my favorite things to do (HAHA!) so I’m sure I’ll like writing about it just as much *grin*.

We have done a variety of things for grocery shopping since the years we became a big family.  In our beginning… my husband and I would go together. We enjoyed the time spent and we’re both frugal minded so enjoyed doing coupons or finding good deals.  As we began to add children relatively quickly (3,2,1 and baby in the beginning) we soon found that the 2 of us – if we went together – would need all hands on deck just for parenting and child training.  At that time,  I began to go alone.

I used to really enjoy my time of going alone.  I was at a spot with a lot of littles at home and that was sometimes my only time alone 🙂   If I had more than 1 cart, I would go up to the customer service and ask them to hold my extra cart. I (on purpose) chose places where I could drive up for my bags so I wouldn’t have to push out more than one cart.  I no longer go alone, when I started having teenagers, I enjoy taking 1-2 older kids and making it a special time. For years, this was my oldest daughter, who is now 22 and made me a grandma 2 years ago. She was adopted at 14 and we went through many turbulent years and this time was an opportunity for us to be alone and have some amazing conversations.  She moved out at 19 1/2 and it switched to a variety of my other then teens.  I love this time. We frequently go out for supper afterwards.  I have almost always gone every 2 weeks for regular groceries (on paydate).

I live 7 minutes from a mostly open store.  In my same small town, there is a Christian based store that isn’t open on Sundays and is open in shorter hours during the week, I do try to frequent that store as I appreciate their stance.  I do go to the Aldi’s and SuperWalmart for somethings – those stores are approximately 1/2 hour away from me.  Any savings warehouse stores (Sams or Costco) are approximately 2 hours from me.  I do not maintain a card for either one. I have in the past, but I go less frequently now and therefore it isn’t cost effective when I can be someone’s guest. I  also purchase from a Blooming Prairie Food Coop  some bulk purchases.  Lastly, I have purchased in bulk from a wholesaler. )

I maintain a menu (thinking we’ll talk more about meal planning at another time) and shop from a grocery list that is saved on my computer. I look at loss leaders from my local stores to make my list before we go.  I plan my meals around them when possible.  I do try to keep to a very tight cash budget  (thank you Dave RAMSEY!)

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