Welcome to the Family Plus Homestead, I’m Mommaplus, married to Daddyplus. We’re obviously parents but to a few more than the norm (hence the plus!)  We have  20 children, 6 of whom are now adults. We’re grandparents also to 2 so far.  We have 14 children at home from 18 to 3.

We live on an acreage and are trying to move to 50% of our own food production.  We’re strong proponents of eating local, and as close to nature as God intends – however – we are on the journey and still have meals where we definitely don’t make that ideal!

We do homeschool and have for about 12 years.   We homeschool across the spectrum and have children with special needs as well as those on the gifted side.  We use primarily a literature approach which I have loved over the years.

Lastly, we’re both strong believers in a personal faith through Jesus Christ.  My husband is a pastor at a local church as well as working in IT to help get Debt Free!

I had 3 distinct blogs (one on adoption, one on homeschooling and this one on farming) and I’ve decided to compile them all into one blog in the coming days – so stay tuned!  I’m excited to share how we do… things 🙂  (this picture truly is 5 years old, yes… apparently I was 18 then, no… apparently I’ve not been in any pictures since then!)

Momma Amanda


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