The Beginning of the End…

the end of the school year that is!!!

We have begun the end of studies. 

Awana finished this week.

Science through our coop finished last week!   We are using Considering God’s Creation for our primary class.  Christian Kids Explore Physics is the text for our middle elementary class.  We are using Apologia’s General Science, Abeka’s Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry for our highschool students.

We finished up the bulk of our unit studies this year! Our elementary children have finished a geography unit study,  Presidential and elections unit study based on books, Lapbooking of missionaries by Hands of a Child  and our colonial study that culminated in our trip to Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown with the MOMYS. 

0310091101 Ok —> we probably had some fun on vacation too! This is the bulk of us at Hershey Chocolate World, in PA.

We have also been able to thankfully finish up some smaller things. Various children are all caught up in several things.  I praise GOD for a year of progress.



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