Reality show??

Well we are finally on our way home. My friend tells me we need a a reality series. Our vacation was a series of disasters!

We said goodbye to what was affectionately called the green pickle after we put $400 worth of parts in, when we determined it was going to cost is 2500$ more and we weren’t sure that would fix it!!

Our vacation was held up for many days until we found a replacement but we were at a gorgeous place with good options and nice friends 🙂

We are finally on our way home –



In meantime, we has troubles with the hitch, ended up taking us 3 days on 2 different states to get done! This was not our plan. Good thing we continue to rest in His plan alone.



One thought on “Reality show??

  1. Given the trials portion of the reality series, I would think “Job On The Loose” might be a good title?

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