When You Aren’t Ready!

Today a Blizzard hit us.  My momentary panic of the fact that we just aren’t ready was preceded by the conversation with my husband.

“Hey Bri, we have an hour free,  do you want to talk about being ready in case we don’t have power in this blizzard?”

And life ensued.  and we didn’t talk.  and then the power  flickered  shut off.   The first time it was off several minutes and we remembered we were going to talk about being ready for no power.

So – where were we, us and the tons of kids at home today (15?)   Thankful that we had a prepared mentality and had done some preliminary work!  We just needed to dig them out.   (and funny thing is, once we did dig them out, we haven’t lost power since even though it shut off 7 times today!)

1) Heat –  Well, we have a woodstove, it is not yet installed in this house. We have a wood pellet stove which requires a fan 😦   We have back up kerosene heaters,  least prepared area.

2) lights – we have the 3 (always have 3 backup options)  1) lamps 2) candles and 3) flashlights

3) food – we popped the roast in the oven quick for supper and I made a soup I could cover in towels,  we have lots of ready to eat. We do have a camp stove 🙂

4) water – this was my panic mode – we filled everybucket in proximity,  we need water for drinking, cooking, flushing, washing, and animals…  I’ll be working on this a bit more come a thaw!

5) Entertainment – I was a bit more prepared with this one, we have lots to do that doesn’t require electronics. That being said, Mom might have the most withdrawal symptoms!

What are you preparing for?  How ready are you? Where are your gaps?




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