Time for Spring… not quite yet, but be ready!

As the entire country was plummeted into cold and freezing wind temps and SNOW.. LOTS OF SNOW for some, I am turning my eyes towards spring. It’s time to take stock of your seeds!! Praise God that we can look ahead to the tiiny seeds that sprout.  For most of us in Zone 5,  it isn’t time to plant anything yet.  (don’t know what zone you are in?  check here…  http://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/PHZMWeb/  it tells you by your zip code!) However ~ it could be time to take stock of your seeds!

Mine don’t photograph well, some are stored in ziploc bags ~ some in envelopes, others in glass jars.  I plan to in my next year, talk about seed saving… because year 1 was tiny, and this last year I did  WAY MORE (But I haven’t gotten to see them grow yet ~ so I don’t know if I was successful, yet..)   and this year, I anticipate doing even more.  That being said,

lay out your seeds,  figure out how many you will need.   I use this chart http://www.granny-miller.com/a-garden-planner-for-home-food-preservation/  as my starter.  Tweek it for your family ~ we eat a bowl like this at every meal in the summer!

8.27.13 019


Figure what you are going to eat fresh, what you will can and what you can dehydrate.

8.8b download 005


Compare what you will need to what you have on hand and create your order!

We do ours in Excel…  it isn’t pretty but it looks like this

garden planning pic


We mostly buy from Baker Creek Seeds and Seed Savers.  We appreciate their commitment to Non-GMO and Organic as well as their amazing customer service!


Hope you are ready for a great start to 2014 gardens!! I can’t wait for this day!!! 2013-07-28_12-32-25_915





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