All in a Day: Spending Time with Hubby


How do we spend time together?

1)Blackberry!  Thank you Verizon Wireless.  We communicate multiple times during the day via text messaging.  Also, our cell phones are an integral part of spending time together!

2) Teenagers – when all of our children were younger, it was primarily other moms of many who shared with us (Thank you Terri Camp whose oldest daughter one night practically saved my life or my marriage or both!)  After a while, my older girls got to be teenagers, and I hope they too were helpful to other moms with little children!)  Now my teenage girls are adults.  Some of them are now moms out on their own.  I’m raising up a new group of teenagers.  We start by giving them responsibility – maybe at church or a buddy time at home to train in care-taking.  Actually, we start years before that with modeling and pretend housekeeping skills but as we grow in maturity, we are allowed more responsibility.  Babysitting at our house is always a paid chore unless it is a gift of the heart by the baby-sitter (birthdays, etc that will happen!)

3) Family ~  the lady in this picture with all of our kids is my aunt.  She is a person who has blessed us very much.  She has been on vacation with us twice, will host us when needed at her own house and even covers us for homeschool  conventions, romantic date nights and  last summer big time helped us when we had two teen boys both needing a parent on the same weekend…  She was graciously accompanied by my  next resource.

4. grandparents

I realize that not all people have grandparents that are able, close enough, or willing to help babysit.  In fact, my parents are not necessarily able to watch all 20 of our children in one fell swoop, but they are willing to entertain them.

5. kid swap – find a friend who  needs the same and be willing to host!  We had a great couple we did this with frequently.  Made a huge difference when we both had only littles.

well that is the how we spend time together, what do we do when we have time together?

1) talk (hence the blackberry!)

2) go out for breakfast or dessert  🙂  these are ideas for if all of your kids can’t be watched at one time, but perhaps you can leave while some or all are sleeping

3) regular date nights – not a necessity but they are surely wonderful!  uninterrupted conversation with only your husband, warm food and no cutting the meat!

4) our annual special weekend away – we usually try and get this to be a conference we’ve wanted to attend.  We stay at a special hotel, have a special meal and enjoy being refreshed as parents and as a couple.

Everyday – regardless of babysitters, time and desire, its important to be in the Word and be in prayer together.

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3 thoughts on “All in a Day: Spending Time with Hubby

  1. absolutely blessed! And training my children to be a blessing to others – especially moms of many in the younger years. I am hoping that I am as good of a grandma as well. I get asked to baby-sit quite a bit as my older daughter, single mom, needed daytime help. We are willing but busy, so need to find a new balance. Amanda

  2. Hey! You said my name! How cool is that!?!?!

    I so love you and miss you. I especially liked when you and I would go out to the movie – but that’s not exactly you spending time with Hubby. But I’m sure having time away gave you the needed refreshment to get back to him and ________ (fill in your own blank)

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